The Creation of drugwizards

You know somebody to buy cocaine from?

It all started with this single question which probably everybody heard at least once in his life. A friend of mine wanted to try cocaine for the first time after a long night of clubbing and i acutally knew a guy which was selling powder. the dealer didnt want to trade with strangers so i had to buy it for my mate. easy task – i took the $100 went to the dealer and got $50 and a small bag in reverse. I handed the bag and the $50 back to my mate but i was told to keep the change.

cocaine for sale at drug wizards online drugs dispensary

Lets buy drugs online and sell them, right?

I knew i want to get into this business and so i did. I bought a small scale, some weed and sold it to my friends (you wont get something for free in life, sorry!). Though it was pretty fun, i didnt earn a lot from selling weed.
I needed other drugs.
some searching around the internet was required. though its almost a decade ago i managed to find a seller which offers all kinds of drugs for sale. i started shopping and soon you could have seen me selling xtc pills in front of nightclubs. I made a lot more money but still not as much as i expected, because other dealers had some sick stuff as well.

Wanna buy drugs online?

So my income increased from time to time. at that time i already was making a $40,000 profit every month. there is a reason why they call cocaine the white gold of the beautiful and rich, and i even sold it to some celebrities.
But if you make a lot of money you also become a bigger target as well, right? Actually – no! We will add a guide on how to sell drugs safe soon.
I simply wasnt able to sell any more. I had products in the highest quality available but not enough time to sell it. resellers are required to make more money

Lets go big!

whats even better than selling a lot of your awesome stuff? selling it automated in bulk.
It took us more than half a year to find a safe, persistent way to set up a website. an additional six months were required to get the shipping centers ready in the US, Spain and Gibraltar.
with increasing numbers of busted dark-net vendors it was an even better decision to start business the right way.